Video Killed The Real Estate Ad

With a world that has become increasingly dependent on technology, businesses must develop their marketing strategies online to reach their respective audiences. To market a luxury home effectively, insuring that every potential buyer both domestic

Video is now the single most important consumable medium for home buyers, whether you're looking to purchase a home in the South of France, or New York City. A simple stroke on a keyboard or tablet device can now access videos from a plethora of online sources. Every month over 6 billion hours of video is viewed, which is up nearly 50% from the same time last year. What does this mean for real estate agents; get ready to ride the new wave.

With video now at the forefront of real estate marketing, gone are the days of taking a couple pictures and creating a slide show, back dropped by a hip saxophone number. The game has changed quite substantially. Luxury Real Estate agents like Amber Anderson of Pacific Sotheby's in La Jolla California have upped the ante. Anderson feel's "that HD quality videos are the centerpiece to our entire marketing plan, no other medium showcases the home with such clarity and detail. With over 90% of home buyers starting their search online, our videos look to provide the viewer with a genuine and realistic experience of the home". Anderson and her team don't stop there. Beyond what is seen as the typical home tour which includes square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, they focus on less evident features.

Watching video property tours is becoming passe. Beyond the characteristics of the home, buyers are now searching for the lifestyles attached to the home. Anderson has seen tremendous viewership on several of her community based videos which showcase particular neighborhoods and cities within San Diego County. Anderson's recent Encinitas community video was able to achieve over 11,000 views compared to typical real estate related videos which will get less than 100. Quality is everything, which is why she chooses to work with a local videographer, David Moya who also uses the power of video as the base for his successful community website "The Carmel Valley Life". Both Moya and Anderson can credit a lot their video marketing success to a local guru, Roberto Monaco of Influenceology. Monaco's innovative use of video as a tool for professionals to gain competitive advantage is cutting edge and has made him a highly sought after speaker across several industries. He's said that "every business should be communicating their message via video, period".

Statistics like them or not suggest that online video viewership will increase annually, question is will you take advantage of it?


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